Submission for MiniJam56. Achieved 3rd place.

Post-Jam update

Cleaned up a bit the timer UI so it is not as distracting.

Post-Jam results update

Improved feedback with some new sounds and effects.
Now also in spanish!! :)


Today is John's birthday, and the office tradition is to bring doughnuts for the partners. For John and his human friends, this will be a day of joy and sugar, but not everyone is equally thrilled.

You are one of the many doughnuts John brings to the office. Everyone on the box knows the fate that awaits them: Ascension and death. Some are happy about it, other resigned to their inevitable demise and some - like you - won't just accept their fate; they will fight and try to change a future set in stone.

Fight to death with others doughnuts and cover them in sugar and sprinkles so the Hand will pick them and not you. It is a matter of survival, of life and death!


JShoot sprinkles
SPACEUltimate Attack
Ultimate Attack

When the doughnut is heavily damaged - a diabetic coma may ensue - it can charge its Ultimate Attack, a sprinkle canon that makes the doughnut recover some life.

However, the attack is so costly that doing some athletics such as rolling will cancel it.



Known bugs and issues

  • The game may show a black window if it does not have the focus. To solve this, click on the black window. It should load and show the game correctly.


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The art is bad and the game needs some sound effects, but it's fun as HELL! I would have made Donut Holes, so the sprinkles are still the right size but can be bigger and easier to read. The fun and jokes of the game way make up for the cons.

Thank you for the feedback! :)


Haha! Love the concept of the game, it's a fun idea. Clever take on the theme of sky too. Nice one :D

Thanks a lot for the comment!


A fun little game.

The art style is really good and I especially like the dodge roll animation.

Good job!

Thanks! The dodge roll is a pet peeve of mine in this game, simple but funny :)


I enjoyed this! Fun story!

Thank you for playing!


I love this game dude,

Cool idea, donuts facing off against each other

the art style also seems very consistent and fun a and I like the music a lot.

one small feedback: maybe it would be better to add an indicator of when it's possible to use the ultimate attack


Surprisingly fun! The art style cute too! Some minor comments: Move the timer out of the way so you can see what you're doing. Since you can shoot non-stop, simpley holding J should be possible (or make a reload mechanic). You should also be immune to their special attacks if you roll through it.

Cool idea! I could see this turn into a full game with different enemy types, highscores and unlockable weapons!